Payroll App Download Instructions

Click here to download Android app and manual.

Please first install App in your phone.

After installing click on Payroll Icon in your phone.

After opening it will ask for permission call, you need to give permission.

After giving permission you need to put email and phone number and client as ippis.

After this you need to click on login button

If you are new user, it will ask you to confirm your phone number by placing call to one of any number.

Once you place a missed call then you need to click again on login and then you will be logged in successfully.

For more information please download manual.

Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS)

To improve the quality of public services, IPPIS aim at providing a centralized database system that provides accurate information to the general public. Our main objective is to smooth the progress of storage and maintenance of personal records and prevent the leakages by making sure that remuneration of the staff is based on accurate information. We focus on accomplishing the greater efficiency in the public sector by supporting the NICI plans and e-Government agenda.


We promise to keep your personal information confidential. We respect your privacy and do not share any single details with any third person.


We respect the individuality of each employee. We work closely with our clients by understanding their point of view and concerns and then provide appropriate resolution.


To support the needs of the employee, the stakeholders and the MDAs, we believe in working as a team in order to achieve our goals and mission.


We give high regards to honesty, that’s why we are loyal towards all our clients. We provide reliable policies and procedures to all clients.


We pay all due amount to the employees when they are scheduled to be paid. In the case of any issue or mistake, we provide quick resolutions in real time that depend on the case situation.


We believe in building the solid bridge of trust and respect with our clients. Our policies and procedures are fair and accurate for all employees that make you feel confident about our services.

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